Friday, February 12, 2010

To Whom Shall We Go? Lessons from the Apostle Peter

By Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, Our Sunday Visitor.

Archbishop Dolan focuses on the spiritual rather than biblical or theological insights of the life and sayings of the Apostle. Peter is so human, and we can readily relate to his failings. He had the greatest faith and the greatest theological insights, yet was sometimes too weak or failed to understand the full meaning of his own words.

His great faith prompted him to be the first to proclaim who Jesus really was, yet his doubt incurred the Savior's wrath a moment later by trying to talk Jesus out of the Cross. His great faith prompted him to try to walk on water to meet Jesus, yet his doubt led him to start to sink into the water.

As the author notes, Peter had trouble whenever he was distracted from the work of the Lord. Jesus was Peter's anchor, Archbishop Dolan notes: "Peter was self-possessed as long as he kept his eyes on Christ."

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