Monday, October 25, 2010

Charlemagne Dates

714 Pepin of Herstal, father of Charles Martel, (maior domo) dies, leaving an infant grandson; his illegitimate son Charles Martel begins to exercise power in Austrasia
733 Charles Martel stops a Muslim army on the way to looting Tours
739 Willibrord (b. 658) dies
741 Charles Martel dies
751 Ravenna falls to the Lombards
751 Peppin III (d. 768) recognized by Pope Zachary as king of the Franks
752 Pepin anointed king by St. Boniface
753 (July) Peppin and his sons Charles and Carloman consecrated at St. Denis
754 Pepin crowned king of the Franks by Pope Zachary in Frankish territory; papacy granted lands by the Frankish king comprising the papal lands
768 Death of Pippin
771 Death of Carloman
773 Lombard king Desiderius threatens Pope Hadrian I, who appeals to King Charles
773 Charles defeats Lombards in the Alps; besieges Desiderius in Pavia
774 (Easter) Charles in Rome (first time for a Frankish king); founding of the Papal States (suspicious sources; not likely)
774 (after Easter) Charles in Pavia: received the surrender of the city and Desiderius
774 Charles proclaimed king of the Lombards
778 Charlemagne attacks Zaragoza
778 Ludwig born
781 (Easter) Charles visits Rome; Charles' son Pepin baptized by Pope Hadrian, then crowned king of the Lombards; Louis crowned king of the Aquitanians (3 years old)
782 Charles meets Alcuin in Pavia; invites the scholar to the court
782 4,500 Saxon prisoners beheaded at Verden on orders of Charlemagne
785 and 801 northern Catalonia taken from Arab rule
785 Widukind's baptism
785 Capitulary on the Region of Saxony
785-6 Revolts in Hesse and Thuringia
786 Assembly of the realm in Worms
787 Charles in Ravenna
787 Second Council of Nicaea
787 Tassilo becomes Charles' vassal
789 Oaths to Charlemagne because of 785-6 revolts
789 Admonitio generales
791 Campaign against the Avars
791-2 Regensburg (Weihnachten, Osterfest)
792 Pepin, Charlemagne's son, disinherited, tonsured and sent to a monastery (Prüm)
792 Charlemagne fought no war
792-3 Famine: Italy, Provence, Burgundy, part of France
793 War in Aquitaine
794 Establishes court/capital at Aachen
794 Frankfurt Assembly; Libri Carolini
794 (Sept) Against the Saxons (Paderborn)
794 Charles' 4th wife, Fastrada, dies
795 Avar chieftain Tudun asks to be baptized along with his followers
795-6 Avars attacked, including the Ring
797 Imperial Assembly, Aachen; Attacked the Saxons
797 Salzburg an archbishopric, as a center of evangelization of the Avars
804 Alcuin dies
809 Council at Aachen
811 Pippin, son of Charlemagne, dies in Prüm
812 Inquiry into baptism in the empire
813 Charlemagne summons Louis to Aachen and has him crown himself emperor
814 Charlemagne dies
826 Theodulf, bishop of Orleans, dies
768-772-Pope Stephen III
772-795 Hadrian I
Leo III (795-816)

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