Wednesday, January 26, 2011


By Dan B. Allender, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 212 pages.

Dan B. Allender's book is great for the Christless Christianity crowd - those ministers and Christian sheep who like to talk about "spirituality" and who think that "the gospel" is me talking about me. Far from being the Father, "God" is the feminized divinity enmeshed with humans, joyful and not serious. Forget about fearing this divinity in the way that the Hebrews feared their God.

Sabbath is post-theos theology, where Allender aims however unwittingly to write Christ out of the gospels, replacing the Lord with the fuzzy me-first therapeutic religion of so many baby boomers. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the metaphorical Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer.

Metaphorical = Meaningless.

Much of the time, the author is trying to sound poetic, and ends up saying absolutely nothing. What does the following mean? "The privilege to walk hand in hand with time doesn't come because you merely yearn for it or know it would be good for yourself and your family."

How could anyone want to spend 5 minutes listening to this guy? It's the kind of Christianity where everyone talks about their feelings, and we stand in a circle and hold hands, men with men if that's the order.

Is it inevitable that bourgeois Christianity be so empty, so full of saccharine? Is it inevitable that Christian men act and sound so womanly?

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