Friday, November 18, 2011


By Dan B. Allender,

Allender, a clinical psychologist and theologian at Seattle's Mars Hill Graduate School, has written Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Trinity out of Christianity, and has replaced this all with.... himself.

As with so much contemporary Catholic or Protestant theology, the author loves to write about his own thoughts, feelings, and relationships. The few times that he mentions Jesus, Allender does so in reference to himself, and those all-important thoughts, feelings, and relationships.

Jesus is not the Savior, the One who bridges the unbridgeable gulf between humanity and God the Father. Jesus serves Allender's feelings. Therapeutic theology at its best, Sabbath is the sort of nonsense that is emptying churches, especially of men.

Sabbath is the very definition of triteness: It is empty and tedious, and offers nothing new. Again and again, the words mean nothing. What do the following thoughts mean?:

"A Sabbath is a safe and cozy day to explore. This doesn't imply that a Sabbath has no risk or danger - it is danger chosen as fitting our comfort." Again: "The privilege to walk hand in hand with time doesn't come because you merely yearn for it or know it would be good for yourself and your family."

These sentences don't mean anything. They are fluff claiming to be theology. Sabbath is more than a waste of time because it falsely claims to be theology. It's like reading Eat, Pray, Love as marital advice.

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