Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Fight of Our Lives

By William Bennet.

The Fight of Our Lives is one of those books that makes a lot of useful observations, but never hits the bullseye. Bennett is guilty of the same shortcoming he accuses Americans and their leaders of having. They cannot say the full truth, either out of shame or out of blind ignorance.

The author details the enemy, radical Islam, with enough facts and background as to offer a convincing case. While he doesn't tar all of Islam with the terrorist brush, he rightly notes that Muslims confessing a moderate religious path need to do more to oppose terrorists.

It is also the work of the American government and the citizenry to fight. Here is where the argument is both best and worst. He correctly and convincingly identifies the biggest problem in the war on terror as the cultural battles being fought in America. Americans don't study their history or love their country. They have bought into the multi-culti deconstructionist habit of cutting down a nation's history and highlighting the negatives rather than the accomplishments. Thus America and the West have little self-confidence in fighting the terrorists, whom they could easily defeat if they were in the right mind.

This is all good, but what is missing is the real root of this, which is the feminization of society, the emasculation of men, and the destruction of marriage and the family largely because of feminism. The feminist takeover of Western society has left us adrift, lacking confidence, and fearful of people we could easily defeat. Like most Christian writers, Bennett is blind to this feminization, perhaps because of the feminizing tendencies of Christianity itself.

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