Friday, July 9, 2010

Answering the New Atheism: Dismantling Dawkins' Case against God

By Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker, 151 pages.

The authors use reason, not the Bible, to counter British atheist Richard Dawkins' anti-Christian, pro-atheist diatribes. They show that Dawkins builds his argument on rhetoric, and the logic is an embarrassment to other atheists. With wit and confidence, they pick apart his lousy arguments, including gross mathematical miscalculations that, when corrected, add tens of zeros to calculations of probability for happenstance evolution over a divinely-directed creation.

The book shows Dawkins' poor philosophical thinking, as he confuses "the highly improbable" with "the downright impossible." Dawkins uses this to undermine the belief in miracles: "Dawkins believes that anything but a miracle is possible, and that leads him to believe that the impossible, no matter how absurd, is possible."

Answering the New Atheism points out that science and religion only clash because certain thinkers, such as Dawkins, want this. In reality, science and religion are as compatible as the scientists and theologians doing the thinking. The rhetoric-driven Dawkins, Hahn and Wiker argue, uses scientific smoke and mirrors to attack age-old belief and to build a new atheism.

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