Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend

Edited by Ravi Zacharias, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 360 pages.

The various contributors to Beyond Opinion, including the well-known Ravi Zavharias, the book's editor, share their wealth of experience and knowledge in Christian apologetics. Their wisdom and humility impress the reader.

Beyond Opinion shows that apologetics has become an intellectually sophisticated area of Christian thinking. The writers understand that there are no easy shortcuts, no trendy or pre-packaged ways of "selling" Christ, so force themselves to delve deeper.

The learned, sophisticated nature of these essays counters the pop-image of evangelicals as overly-enthusiastic hill-billies shouting the gospel from the mountain-tops. Whether the topic is evil, post-modernism, or Cartesian philosophy, the depth of knowledge and argumentation is clear.

The writers put to rest the various common arguments offered by opponents of religion and Christianity. John Lennox notes, regarding the Church's fight with Galilieo, that the Italian scientist accepted Scripture, and shows how the conflict between science and religion is a myth. Lennox also skillfully deconstructs atheist Richard Dawkins' attacks on religion, clearly demonstrating the almost childishly-weak argumentation of the Oxford scientist.

Impressively, the writers do not fear the world, as secular as it is. Post-modernism is regarded as a possible ally in its acceptance of spirituality and rejection of modernism and blind faith in progress and secularism. The discussion here reflects that atheists, not evangelicals, are scared of the world - namely, scared of the continued relevance of God and religion. Atheists, not evangelicals, are behind the times.

Readers cannot help but come away optimistic and energized from these optimistic and energizing readings.

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